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“A rich, wide ranging book with something for every reader drawn to the
Celtic world. Jen Delyth is to be praised for her clarity and vision.”

—John & Caitlin Matthews, authors of Walkers Between Worlds
and Taliesin, the Last Celtic Shaman

“Weaving together stunning images of ancient Celtic themes and archetypes with truly innovative and insightful commentary about the guiding spirits of the traditions, Jen Delyth’s book Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth and Symbol is a compelling doorway into the Celtic mysteries and a delicious, sensual feast for the eyes and heart in a time when we are all hungry to be reminded of the sacred dimensions of life.”
—Frank MacEowen, author of The Mist-Filled Path, The Spiral of Memory & Belonging, and The Celtic Way of Seeing: Meditations on the Irish Spirit Wheel

“In Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth and Symbol Jen Delyth beautifully illustrates the intertwining relationship that Celtic cultural heritage-past and present has with nature. Absolutely stunning with shimmering colors and intricate rhythms, if art could sing and dance, it certainly does here.”
—Kathleen Cunningham Guler author of The Anvil Stone

"Jen Delyth has created a stunning book that captures the essence of Celtic magic and Druid Mysteries. On every page her evocative images, modeled on the styles of the early Celts yet carrying her own unique imprint, draw you into the depth and richness of a Cauldron of Enchantment. Stories and poems, legend and lore, create a feast for the eye and food for the soul!"
- Mara Freeman, author of Kindling the Celtic Spirit

“Here in Jen Delyth’s book you’ll find a wonderfully comprehensive panoramic overview of the Celtic tradition in legend, art and symbol.”
—Robin Williamson, musician, poet

".... Along the way, she masterfully weaves connections with art, myth, music, poetry, oral and written histories, animal totems, early Christianity, tree and plant lore, ocean mysteries, the worship of gods and goddesses, and our ever present interconnection with the natural world. Unlike so many dry textbooks, Delyth brings all these elements together in a natural logical way, without ever falling into the trap of new-age navel gazing or poor research. Her lovely illustrations give the book the feel of an illuminated sacred text".
—Dirty LInen Magazine July 2008 - extract from full review below

"Dear Jen....when I came back from London I found your incredibly beautiful book which many people have now seen and loved....it is so well done...people have commented on the history side of it, and the mythology..and I feel very proud that we did that DVD together...you are such an imaginative person!!!
—Gilli Smyth, poet, musican GONG www.planetgong.co.uk

“From this master storyteller and contemporary artist who is also a a very old soul, philosopher and scholar, Celtic Folk Soul transports us on an entrancing journey. This is a pilgrimage into the unseen world, the dimensional past, present and future, the Source of spirituality. Jen offers both the aware and the uninitiated a new way of seeing through exploration of the organic elements, patterns, and symbols that make up the Celtic traditions. The connection between her imagery and content is seamless.” —Cynthia Matyi, artist, author of LIttle Town of Spirals

"Congratulations on finishing your book. I'm really impressed with the way that it looks.The visual impact is great. The design, colours used and layout all look impeccable. I like the feel of the different colour themes for each chapter. The whole look of the book is very clean and clear. Visually, it is as good as any Celtic based book that I have seen and it will stand head and shoulders above many. I am looking forward to having time to go through it thoroughly".
—Chris Down, artist & Illustrator of Celtic Dreams-Visions of a Past & Celtic Bards Celtic Druids www.chrisdown.co.uk

"Such a sweet lovley collectible book.. I love it, and will treasure it".
—Gordon Strong - author of The Sacred Stone Circles of Stanton Drew & Tarot Unveiled.

"You may already be familiar with the artwork of Welsh artist Jen Delyth, who has done more than any others (aside from England's Courtney Davis and original Celtic art revivalist George Bain) to bring the ancient interlace designs, spirals, patterns and imagery of the Celts to modern awareness. As it turns out, Delyth is also an excellent writer and is well steeped in Celtic folk-lore, mythology and mysticism. Her stunning artwork and words vividly express the beauty, power and spirit of nature, as seen from the perspective of Celtic tradition. She has carefully structured the book around a symbolic nine chapter motif, based on traditional elements of power and transformation, that include roots/elements, stone/mysteries, woad/tribal, metal/art, seed/fire, wilde/nature, song/sea, ysbryd/spirit and wind/journey as well as "Beyond the ninth wave". Along the way, she masterfully weaves connections with art, myth, music, poetry, oral and written histories, animal totems, early Christianity, tree and plant lore, ocean mysteries, the worship of gods and goddesses, and our ever present interconnection with the natural world. Unlike so many dry textbooks, Delyth brings all these elements together in a natural logical way, without ever falling into the trap of new-age navel gazing or poor research. Her lovely illustrations give the book the feel of an illuminated sacred text. Modern Celtic bard Robin Williamson contributes a brief but poetic introduction blessing to the book". —Lahri Bond - Dirty Linen Magazine Book Review July 2008 www.dirtylinen.com

"I just received your book Celtic Folk Soul, and I have to say, that you have surpassed all expectations with this amazing and comprehensive piece of work. As a professional in the realm of publishing and production, I have seen many "Celtic" books over the last ten years, yet never have I seen any so alive with mythic meaning and artistic vision. I can't imagine how anyone gazing through it's pages at a bookstore won't feel the need to immediately take it home and dive deeply into it's rich textured world. It is obvious to me that Celtic Folk Soul is a book that will be around for many years to come, as a virtual sourcebook of the Celtic spirit and imagination . " —Emilio Miller Lopez, co-founder Woodland & Faerieworlds

“This unique book contains superb and highly original artwork by Jen
Delyth, alongside a fascinating, inspiring and stimulating text. Jen’s artwork has been admired by Celtic enthusiasts worldwide for many years, and in this book her followers are in for many delights. As a fellow Celtic artist of nearly 40 years standing, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Celtic World.”
—David James author of Celtic Arts: The Living Tradition
and New Visions in Celtic Art: The Modern Tradition

"Girlfriend, this book is beyond fantastic, it made me cry just
to know you. I can see all the wrenching work that went into this. You are my new hero". —Lauren Mantecon, painter, teacher www.laurenmantecon.com

I'm just breathless. It's stunning! Congratulations, and thank you for it. I know my daughters (4 and 1) will treasure it long after I'm gone. —Matt Henry, Author Originally Blessed www.originallyblessed.org

"Jen, it is so beautiful! Everything about the book is perfect! This really is awesome - even the hard cover with the tree, a stunning, wonderful secret detail! Your writing style is flowing, poetic, informative, bardic, lovely, just like your artwork, both mediums flowing & balancing together.. Such a very very special gift , Thank you" —Susan Clough, jeweler www.susanclough.co.uk

"The Celts have produced wonderful art – but what does it all mean? "Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth, and Symbol" is a book of art and history, hoping to investigate the spiritual aspects of Celtic artworks. A scholarly, educational, and awe-inspiring look at the Celts, highly recommended for both history and art collections". —Midwest Book Review - Reviewer's Choice www.midwestbookreview.com

"As Celtic art evolves into the modern world, finding its way into art galleries and onto bodies in the form of tattoos, Jen Delyth takes us on a journey of understanding, weaving us into the future of this living tradition that is the Celtic folk-soul. The first book from Welsh born artist Jen Delyth, one of the most highly respected contemporary Celtic artists in the world, Celtic Folk Soul illuminates the language of symbol and myth in Celtic art. Artist Jen Delyth is our teacher, using the myths and folklore of the ancient Celtic people to understand their folk-soul. Readers can use her language of art to bridge the gulf of time and explore the soul of the Celts. Explore labyrinths that lead to the depths of the underworld, and climb the Tree of Life that celebrates the force of nature. Find kindred spirits among the virile stag, the graceful horse and the master of illusion, the dragonfly. Learn the language of the Celtic Folk Soul. Learn who these people - our ancestors - were".
chaos.com independant book review 2008

Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth & Symbol, by Welsh artist Jen Delyth, is a colorful, mysterious and intriguing collection of Celtic inspired images supported by poetry and folklore throughout. If you ever wondered as to the origins of certain knotworks or Celtic symbols, this is your chance to educated yourself on the subject.

Divided into them-based chapters (Roots, Stone, Wylde..) Delyth explores the meanings and lore behind Celtic symbols and archetypes that are prevalent in her work. An art book first and foremost, the printed images are deep and richly colored, each scroll work a testament to the hand that created it. The text, though posited in support of the visual works, is stand-alone great; Histories, anecdotes and tasty little morsels of fact come together to explain in words the deeper meanings and histories behind the images. Some of the anecdotes are the highlights for me, as in this excerpt from the chapter STONE mysteries

“It was late on a misty October day when we found the harbor. There was only a small wooden booth to indicate that we were even in the right place – and that was closed. There was a poster of the Gavrinis on the door, and some suggestion (in French) that there were trips at various times of the day during the season, so we decided to wait… ”

The personal tone draws the reader in, creating the sensation of personal involvement and a sense of having been there for some of these discoveries. A book like this should evoke a mood, a feeling, and passages like this do that effectively. Celtic Folk Soul is a very well researched and executed book and will naturally find itself at home in personal libraries and frequented bookshelves as well as the expected spot atop a coffee table. With a text that appeals to our minds and a visual beauty that appeals to our hearts, this is a true achievement in book making".

Reviewed by Mariam George for Faerie Magazine Autumn 2008

"I have been acquainted with the Celtic and Welsh artwork of Jen Delyth for some time. At many of the Celtic festivals I attend, I have seen her designs in other books and note cards.  If you have ever bought a product with Celtic designs, chances are they are by Jen Delyth. She also produced a DVD called “Beyond the Ninth Wave” on Celtic mythology and spiritualism that I gave my wife as a present a year or so ago.

Jen Delyth is from the Wye Valley in South Wales and was raised in Port Talbot and the village of Penllergaer near Gower. Her mother was active with the Urdd and imparted a love of Welsh culture and the Welsh folk spirit. The book is dedicated to her parents Mair and Fred. So the book, though billed as “Celtic” has a strong Welsh flavor to it.

The forward to the book is by Robin Williamson, which is a strong positive note in my opinion. Robin Williamson, though from Northern Ireland, has lived in Wales for many ears, and is a Celtic musician and storyteller of some renown. He composed the music for the Mabinogion celebration at Cardiff Castle some years ago.

The book is much more than just an art book of Celtic designs. There are beautiful illustrations, all by Jen Delyth, which are used to tell the story of Celtic art and the Celtic folk soul, and to illustrate a number of Celtic folk tales. Celtic symbolism is well explained for the layperson with explanations of the many symbols that are often found interwoven in the artwork we see.

There are stories from Celtic history such as the story of Boudicca, myths such as the Cattle Raid of Coley and stories from the Mabinogi, folk traditions such as the Mari Lwyd and the Ceilidh or Noson Lawen. This list barely scratches the surface.  The chapter titles are telling: ROOTS – elements; STONE – mysteries; WOAD – tribal; METAL – art; SEED – fire; WILDE – nature; SONG of the sea; YSBRYD – spirit; WIND – journey.

This is a fascinating book. It can be read from beginning to end, looked at for the sections the reader desires to pick out, use it for a research tool for those doing Celtic artwork. Jen Delyth is to e congratulated on a book well written, very well illustrated and which fills a needed niche".

Reviewed by Robert Roser - Ninnau - North American Welsh Newspaper Jan-Feb 2009


10" X 10" Hard Cover with Jacket
Full Color Art Book
216 Pages 137 + Color Illustrations



Celtic Folk Soul, Art, Myth & Symbol, published in Spring 2008
is a beautifully presented coffee table art book by artist Jen Delyth.
This richly detailed full color book shows us through art and poetry, symbol and archetype, myth and history, the essence of the living tradition of the Celtic Folk Soul.

A 10” x 10” full color, hardbound art book, it features a vast collection of
Jen Delyth’s finest artwork created over the last twenty years.
Intricate spiral and interlacing patterns express the oneness of life within all form, the visible and the invisible, leading us intuitively into the Otherworldly realms of our psyches and to an ancient and organic wisdom that speaks to us today.

Celtic Folk Soul by Jen delyth


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